Business area managers are able to edit the permission level of users within the business area. 


To edit the permissions, click on the drop down arrow by your silhouette and click on 'Administration'. Then select the 'Business Area' button.



Then select the business area that you want to edit the email templates for.

The business areas you see will depend on your site setup and your permissions as an administrator.



From inside the business area, select the 'Permissions' button.



This will show a list of all users that are already permitted at some level in the business area. You can edit their level of permission by selecting or deselecting the permission level. 

To add someone to the business area, please contact your global site administrator or DotApprove support. 



Permission levels:

Business Area Manager - has overall access rights to that business area as well as access to the business area administration. 

Business Area Editor - can create jobs and approve tasks that are assigned to them.

Business Area Viewer - can view information, jobs, tasks etc but cannot edit anything in the business area. 

Business Area Reporter - can access the reports for the business area.

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