Announcements can be made by Administrators to users of DotApprove. 


To add, edit or remove announcements, click on the drop down arrow by your silhouette and click on 'Administration'. Then select the 'Business Area' button.



Then select the business area that you want to put the announcement out to. Announcements are done by business area, so if you want to put it out to multiple, you will need to do them one by one. The business areas you see will depend on your site setup and your permissions as an administrator.



From inside the business area, select the 'Announcements' button.



From here, you can select the 'Add' button at the right of the page to add a new announcement. The announcement will only be visible to users who have access to that business area. 

Fill in the details on the pop-up panel, then press 'Create'.



You can add as many announcements as needed. 

Announcements can be amended by selecting the announcement on the left hand panel and editing the details on the right. 

Announcements can be deleted by selecting the announcement then pressing the 'bin' icon on the right. 




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