Accessing 'Administration' area

To Access the 'Administration' area of DotApprove, click on the drop down arrow by your silhouette and click on 'Administration'.


A global Administrator will see the below options. 



 A business area manager will see a restricted view, specified in the list below.

  • Business Area - Allows you to edit business area specific values and permissions (Global & Business area)
  • Departments - Edit users assigned to departments (Global only)
  • Inbound Email Allowed - Allows you to restrict emails coming into your DotApprove site (Global & Business area)
  • Lookups - Edit or add to lookup lists used in job briefs and checklists (Global only - business area managers will see lookups specific to their business area by selecting 'Business Area' from the Admin screen)
  • Notification Preferences - Allows you to change your email notification preferences (Global & Business area)
  • Users and Groups - Edit users and user groups (Global & Business area. Business area managers will only be able to edit user groups relating to that business area).


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