DotApprove Release v2.4


Task screens update


Task screens updated for clarity, with more information provided.



Summary – Now shows any supporting documents on this panel as well as task instructions and task assignee's. 



Workflow – as before shows the workflow steps that have been processed already and those still to go through to complete approval. By clicking on any previous workflow steps you can view the feedback provided by other approvers.


Brief – Shows the job brief information.


Approval Files – Selecting a file on the middle panel shows any other feedback from other approvers on the workflow step (if any). If there is a proposed expiry date, this will be shown here and can be overwritten by the approver if needed – only applicable to the final approval step in a sequence.



File actions - The right panel allows you to open/download, depending on how it has been sent for review, as well as see previous versions of the file.

Any checklist will be shown above the file comments by default.



Microsoft Office files that are sent for review natively (through the Microsoft Office program), there are manual options should you choose. You can download the file and upload a new version. The file can also be unlocked manually if needed.



 File Expiry

When a file is due for expiry, an expiry task is created by the system. There are now two options of who this is sent to.

Option 1 – How this currently works

An expiry ‘group’ is created, these are the users that can complete the task. The manager(s) of this group will be sent the expiry email and they can assign it to anyone in the group. The assigned user can then decide whether the file has expired, or to extend the expiry.


Option 2 – New option. If you would like to use this option, please speak to one of the professional services team or your customer support contact.

The job owner receives the expiry email. The job owner can either choose that the file has expired, or, if they wish to extend the expiry, then this will be sent for approval again to ensure that it’s still compliant.


In the expiry task, the file can be downloaded for review. This can be downloaded before the task has been assigned as well as once it’s assigned.


File has expired.

Select ‘No’ under the question of should expiry task proceed to review. Provide a reason, for example, the information on the file is no longer valid.


Then select complete task at the bottom right of the screen.



File expiry should be extended.

Select ‘Yes’ under the question of should expiry task proceed to review.


Then select complete task at the bottom right of the screen.


This will then create a new expiry task, the email will go to the manager(s) of the expiry group who can then assign the task to anyone in the group.



Clicking on assign the task will bring up a calendar listing all the users who are in the group. Selecting a user name on the left hand side will bring up their DotApprove calendar so you can see what other tasks they have been assigned and when they’re due, allowing for DotApprove workload management.


To assign the user, select the users name on the dropdown in the bottom left of the calendar, then click the ‘Assign’ button.


The decision can then be made by the expiry group task assignee as to whether the file expiry can be extended or not.


If ‘No’ is selected, a reason must be provided.



 If ‘Yes’ is selected, then the new date must be entered, then press complete task at the bottom right of screen.



Action Task

Action task assignee's now have the ability to remove a file uploaded before completion of the task.


If a file was uploaded by mistake, this can be removed and the correct one added prior to task completion.

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