DotApprove Release v2.2

Terminate workflow

Admin users can now terminate a running workflow (as opposed to just cancelling a running step).





You must give a reason for the termination.


This action will be recorded in the job history. If you cancel a workflow it cannot be archived.



Download CSV of Jobs List View 

There is a new option under the drop down menu in the jobs list view to download a CSV file.


Before doing so, configure your view with the required columns using 'Edit Columns in View', then choose 'Download CSV'.





This feature is only available if you have reports access.



Urgent Tasks Report

We have enhanced an existing report to include re-submission data so that customers can distinguish between urgent/non-urgent and original/re-submission tasks in the report.





Search Improvements

We have made some improvements to the search facility. Here's a summary of what's changed:


  • 3 character minimum search
  • Click 'search' or hit return to trigger the search (not dynamic)
  • First five matches are displayed, expand this by clicking on 'View All Matching....'
  • Scroll down to reveal more search results





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