DotApprove Release v2.0

We are pleased to announce the release of DotApprove v2.0.


This update is designed to improve the look, feel and efficiency of using the Multi-Reviewer tool and the Job Brief & Workflow screens.


Much of what you will see is based on valuable feedback from our users and will greatly reduce the number of clicks and time spent on these screens.


1. Multi-reviewer tool [important update]

2. Job Folders [important update]

3. Job Brief information [important update]

4. Starting a workflow [important update]

5. Workflow sequence

6. Edit Job Brief – scroll improvements

7. Upload progress bar

8. Task due date

9. Actions

10. File history

11. Automatic log-out 




1. Multi-reviewer tool – file & version storage

Multi-reviewer files and versions will now be stored in one, convenient place.


Previously, the files were delivered to an ‘output’ folder. We have improved this function so that the files that are generated are delivered to the same folder where the file under review is stored. The naming convention will be Document Name [ANNOTATED].pdf. The benefit of this is that you no longer need to drill down into multiple folders to see these files.


If the status of the file is 'Approved' with an exclamation mark, hover on this to see a pop-over informing you that 'The file was approved with annotations'.  




Multiple review stages are no longer individual files but will be separate versions underneath the one annotated file. For example, two stages of review will lead to one current file with two previous versions underneath.





2. Job Folders

The root job folder will show you all files and folders in a tidy, nested format. This eliminates the need to go into every folder individually. The job folders have also been moved to the left-hand side of the screen. 




3. Job Brief information

The job brief information has been moved to the main navigation bar.




This information is also permanently displayed at the bottom of the page throughout the various job brief screens.




4. Starting a workflow

To start a workflow, go to ‘Workflows’ in the navigation bar and click on the workflow name.




5. Workflow sequence

The workflow sequence is now automatically displayed as part of the workflow screen. To access a given step, click on the workflow name above the steps.




6. Edit Job Brief – scroll improvements

The job brief details can now be scrolled independently of the entire web page.




7. Upload progress bar

We have changed the colours in the upload progress bar to distinguish between ‘processing’ and ‘successfully uploaded’ (blue meaning the file is being processed, green meaning the file has been successfully uploaded).



8. Task due date

The workflow task due date is now auto-populated when the calendar is opened to 17:30 on the current day. The user can change this if required.



9. Actions

The actions Archive, Duplicate and Abandon, have been moved from the navigation bar, to a drop-down menu at the side.




10. File history

The file history can be found by clicking ‘history’ in the drop-down menu to the right of each file (this was previously listed as ‘details’).




11. Automatic log-out

For increased security, users will now be automatically logged out after 20 minutes of inactivity.



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