Voting & Resolutions

The Voting feature gives you the ability to circulate a vote (or resolution) to some or all of the users in a given room. 


Note: Administrators and Vote Managers permission level cannot be part of, or cast, a vote


The first step is to navigate to the room where the vote should be created.





Select 'Votes' and click on the 'New Vote' button on the right in order to create a new vote.




Give the vote a name, choose between Resolution/Vote and apply a deadline.






Once you click on Create, you will be presented with the first of four stages.

In 'Details' you will see a Vote ID. This is unique to this vote and cannot be edited.

You can edit your vote name, change your deadline, input the Vote Description and choose your Voters.





The Voters list is driven by the permissions area for this room. Any user with 'director' access to this room will appear in the drop-down list and can be invited to vote.


Once you have applied the details and selected your Voters, click 'Save'




Once saved, the second of the four stages become available - 'Supporting Documents'.


Here, you can share information relating to that vote, with the Voters.


Choose 'Upload File' located on the right to add your file(s). 






Once your file has uploaded successfully, you can move on to the third step, 'Circulate'.




Select 'Circulate' to release and notify Voters of the vote details.


Once a vote is 'Circulated' you will only be able to change the deadline and add new voters, all other options will be disabled.




Upon circulating the vote, the screen will also display a 'Vote Outcome' panel.

The Complete step now displays who has voted, which way they voted and the totals for each vote choice thus far (i.e. For, Against, Abstain). 




Once circulated, selected voters will receive an email notifying them that they have been added to a vote and to review and apply their vote, online via their dashboard or through their app.




Once all votes have been submitted, select the majority 'Outcome' and add some applicable 'Completion Notes'* and 'Complete Vote'.

*completion notes will be shared with the voters




Select 'Complete Vote', a message appears with a warning prompt. Choose confirm to continue.







Upon completing and confirming the vote, applicable attendees will receive an email notifying them that the vote has been completed with details of the outcome.




At this point, the final step - 'Completion Documents' - becomes available giving you the ability to upload any relevant completion information.

Please note: Annotations made on completion documents will not persist in the app if it is ever uninstalled and re-installed 

Note; A recommendation is to convert your completion documents into a PDF document pre-upload, this will ensure that different variants of tablets will be able to open these files. 





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