General Access Issues

On occasions, you may receive an error when initially accessing the site.


This can be connected to an incorrect URL and/or how browsers cache our online portal.


There might be a requirement for you to clear your cached history and cookies on your browser and re-type the master URL to our solution.


Google Chrome - Open browser > Click 'Ctrl + H' on your keyboard > Clear browsing data (top left) > CLEAR

Internet Explorer - Open browser > Click 'Ctrl + Shift + Delete' on your keyboard > Delete


Also, local IT may block, re-blocked or quarantine our website and email domain;


  • Ensure that *. is not being quarantined/blocked by your proxy server.

  • Access must also be allowed to the following URL:

  • Email requirements - You must whitelist emails from *
    (please also check your junk folder if you are not receiving VBR related emails)

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