Accessing your papers (Windows)

Once you have authenticated your app and gained access, you will find all your meeting rooms listed on your landing/home page.



Tap on a room to open.


This will present you with your recently published Current Meetings, as well as options to review historical Past Meetings, Archived Meetings and your Documents library.



Tap on the meeting card in order drive to your Boardpacks, Meeting Notes and Attendees.



Meeting Notes, information and details added by the Administrator.



Attendees, all those associated and connected with the published meeting.



Tap on Boardpacks, this will take you back to your board pack folder.



Tap on the folder which stores your published meeting and you will notice a download arrow on the right, confirming the published pack is ready to download into your app. Tap on the PDF name.



Allow a few moments and a black tick will appear confirming that your pack has downloaded successfully and is ready to view and annotate. Tap again to launch your pack.



At this point, once your document has downloaded into your app, you can navigate and make your notes offline (without an internet connection).



Your document options are located at the top left and right of the screen.


You have a Seach, Bookmarks, Summary Mode and Annotation features located top right.



Also, you will notice on the left of your screen an 'Index', as well as the ability to scroll page by page.





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