Applying your Virtualboardroom Login Credentials (Windows)

Once you have downloaded our app from the Microsoft Store, tap on the app icon and create a memorable five digit PIN and then confirm that PIN.

Note - there is a Forgot PIN option, located bottom left of the app's keypad. This will prompt you to apply your online portal credentials every time you forget your PIN number, allowing you to re-sync to your rooms, meetings, and packs.



Once you have chosen and verified your PIN number, you will need to enter your online portal credentials (your email address and online portal password) in order to authenticate and sync the app against your VirtualBoardroom account.



Please note: the 'Forgot Your Password?' link is an option associated with your online portal account. We recommend that all 'Forgot Your Password' attempts are executed via a desktop PC/Laptop via your preferred browser, not a tablet browser.


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