Annotating native files

Opening Native Files


If there is a Microsoft Office file that has been sent for you to review through the Office program, you will see the option to ‘Open in Office’. The file will open in the relevant Office program. If it’s the first time using this option you will get a pop-up log in screen, enter your DotApprove user details here. You will need to re-enter your credentials every 28 days due to the Microsoft security policy.


You can make any changes, comments etc directly on the file, then close the file (selecting 'Save' on the pop up about saving the changes) and the changes will be saved as a new version of the file in DotApprove.

You also have manual options if you choose not to use the link to the Office program. You can download the file, save the changes locally, then upload a new version, and if the file is locked, you can unlock it using the option in the Manual dropdown.


If you make any changes to your task, either on the file, in the checklist, or comments, you’re able to exit or close the page and on returning, your changes will be automatically saved.



Word/ Excel/ Powerpoint Track Changes


Word documents can be annotated by clicking on the 'Review' tab within DotApprove and select 'Track Changes'.  This will keep track of the changes you make to a document, you can then choose to accept or reject those changes.


PowerPoint and Excel don’t have a Track Changes feature like the one in Word, but you can receive comments and feedback from reviewers by first saving your presentation to your computer, and then uploading the other copy to DotApprove. Once all comments have been made you can then, compare and merge the shared copy with the original saved on your computer.


Once all comments have been made click 'Save' then close the document. 










Annotating PDF's


If a PDF is sent to you using 'native file' reviewer, you will have to download the PDF. You can then make any annotations on the PDF as per usual, before saving the changes somewhere locally to upload into the job. This can be done under the 'manual' dropdown in the task, selecting 'Upload Version'



PDF's can be annotated within Adobe Reader/ Editor by clicking on the 'Comment' tab.  Within the comment tab, there are a few ways you can annotate from sticky notes to highlighting.  To find out more about annotating within Adobe please see the below article. 



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