Note: only Global Administrators can amend a user's permission from this area.

Business area managers can edit permissions of users within a business area, click here for how to do this.


To access the Users  area within DotApprove, click on the drop down arrow by your silhouette and click on 'Administration'. Then click on the 'Users and Groups' button



Applying/ Amending permissions

You can either find the user in the list, or search using the search tool.

Click on the user's email address on the list to edit their permissions.


User details

User details information details below:


User Name and Email Address These cannot be edited by administrators.

If the first or surname is incorrect, the user must correct this themselves, click here for instructions on how they can do this. They can also update their email address if it has changed.

If the user email address is incorrect, please contact customer support and they will create the user with the correct email address.



Two Factor Authentication - can be switched on per user meaning the user will require a third-party authenticator app on their hand-held device in order to access DotApprove.  This must be turned on for your DotApprove site first by the DotApprove team.  For more information on this, please see Two-factor Authentication.


Departments - Not mandatory. If your site has been set up with departments, you can assign a user to a single department.  


Groups - Any user group that the user is assigned to will be listed here.  If the user needs to be added/ removed from a group this can be done within the group's area. 




Global Permissions 

Global permissions supersede the business area permissions. Below are the global permissions broken down:


Administrator - has admin rights over the whole site as well as all business areas. Can edit users details

Editor - has editor rights for all business areas within the site. 

Viewer - has viewer rights for all business areas within the site.

Reporter - can view reports for all business areas on the site.

Business Area User Manager - has user admin permissions within all business areas. 

Social Media Approval Bypass - This is currently being developed and will be added to DotApprove within a future release. 




Business Area Permissions

Permissions can be set per business area, there are 4 permission levels.  Check below to see which permission level your user requires:


Business Area Manager - has overall access rights to that business area as well as access to the business area administration. 

Business Area Editor - can create jobs and approve tasks that are assigned to them.

Business Area Viewer - can view information, jobs, tasks etc but cannot edit anything in the business area. 

Business Area Reporter - can access the reports for the business area.





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