Website Capture

You can capture web page on DotApprove by using the website capture.  On website capture, you are able to view web pages on different devices - PC, Tablet, and Mobile.


Click on the 'Capture' button. 




Enter the URL you wish to capture and click 'Add'.




If you wish to capture web pages from your intranet, DotApprove would need to be created as a user on the system in order to access it. 


Select the devices you would like to capture the website pages on and click 'Start Capture'. 




Once generated your captures are visible within the Capture History.  You can view the captures by clicking on 'View Output' or you can 'Recapture'.


If you return to the 'Files' tab, you can see your capture under 'All Files' or within the 'Web Capture Results' which is automatically created.



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