Business Areas (Managers Only)

To access the business areas click on the drop down beside your profile and select 'Administration'.   




Select 'Business Area'




This will display all business areas available within your DotApprove site, click into a business area.  This will display the options; announcements, look up types, permissions, reminders and email templates. 






Announcements are a great way to communicate with your business area as the communication will appear on their dashboard.  If you wish to amend or create an announcement this can be done within this area. 





Look Up Types


Lookup Types can either be set globally or per business area.  Lookup Types can be amended but any additional lookup types will need to be added by Simplifie.  If you want to add an option on the drop down click on the Lookup Type Name. 




You can add or delete entries for the Lookup Type here if you delete a lookup type it will still be reportable and will still show in the job/ campaign.  Once the amends have been made click on 'Save'. 






Permissions can be set per business area, there are 4 permission levels.  Check below to see which permission level your user requires:


Business Area Manager - has overall access rights to that business area as well as access to the business area administration. 


Business Area Editor - can create jobs and approve task that are assigned to them.  


Business Area Viewer - can view information, jobs, task etc but cannot edit anything on the system. 


Business Area Reporter - can access the business area reports.


The only difference between a Business Area Manager's permission level and the administrator permission level is that admins have access to the users global permissions and user profile, whereas a manager doesn't.








Reminders can be set for tasks and expiry reminders here, there are 4 reminders that you can edit, enable or disable. 




Email Templates


Business Area Managers can amend email templates within their business area.  Click on the template you wish to amend. 




When amending the email template you are given available placeholders to help you amend your email template.  Click on the placeholder when in the correct position within the text and it will insert within the template. 


There is also an optional field allowing you to add email recipients or CC them to this email. 


Before saving you can either preview the email template or send a test.  Once happy with everything click 'Save'. 




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