Adding/Removing Attendees

You can add and remove attendees to any given publish or unpublished meeting.


Drive to your meeting card and from the 'Meeting' tab, add applicable committee member(s) by simply picking a user(s) from the list and adding that user(s).





Once you have selected your additional user(s), click Save before moving to the 'Publish' tab to pick out and add that new user(s) to the 'Publish To Directors' menu list.





On picking out and selecting your new user(s), you will notice that the 'Published' option has changed colour to blue, showing that your meeting card has changed in status and requires to be 'Updated'.




From the pull-down menu, choose 'Update' in order to update the status of the meeting, in turn, publishing your materials to only the additional user(s) added to the meetings attendee list. The published material will remain available to the originally selected recipients.





Removing a user(s) can be achieved by working these same steps, but by clicking/deselecting a user(s) via the black cross beside each name, removes the user(s) from the list.





Once you have removed the user(s), move across to the 'Publish' tab and will notice that the user no longer appears in 'Publish To Directors' list, thus, changing the meeting cards status by default.




Now that you have removed the user(s) from, both, the 'Attendee List' and 'Publish To Directors' list, the published document will no longer appear on their online dashboard or reflect on their apps.

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