Other App Features

Past Meetings are meetings that have been conducted and are no longer current. This is based on the meeting date and time assigned by the administrator.


They will remain accessible - just simply moved from the Current Meetings into the Past Meetings area. This ensures that the Current Meeting area contains the most imminent meetings.



Archived Meetings are meetings that have been archived by the Administrator via the online portal.



Every room will have its own dedicated 'Document Library' which can contain useful reference material and helps users securely share information, eliminating the need to send attachments via email.

In order for this information to appear correctly, they must be in 'PDF' format, uploaded by the Administrator via the online portal.



Your app has a Calendar that reflects all created meetings for any specific board or committee.



You can find your Calendar on your homepage, below all your listed rooms. 



In settings, you can adjust your PIN lock. This allows you to extend or reduce the time it takes for the app to log you out after inactivity.




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