Restricted Web Portal Access

Administrators now have the ability to restrict the download and printing of Boardpacks by their
directors or existing external users.


To achieve this, we have created a new global permission which, when enabled,
will mean that the only option available for Directors via the web app portal, will be the ability to
change their password, profile details, and email preferences.


This, in turn, means that their only permitted access to your Virtualboardroom rooms, meetings, and board packs are via our tablet apps.


To enable this feature, Administrators can click ‘Edit’ next to the user's name in the 'User'
management area to reveal the global permissions switches;


To enable this, select 'Administration' from your options within your menu preferences, top right.




Click, on either, 'Users' on your menu bar, or, tap on the 'Users' card to bring up your global pool of users.





'Edit' the users profile and you will find located along the left, 'Global Permissions', here, enable the 'Restrict Web Portal Access' by switching the blue radio button to the right and save.


Note: This permission combination, is a typical Non-Executive Director permission set, restricting their access to their portal dashboard, but, enabling them to access published documents via the app only.



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