Two-Factor Authentication

Once the two-factor authentication feature is activated on your site, you can enforce its use for some or all of your users. To activate your site please contact


To activate individual users, go to the 'User' management area and click ‘Edit’ on the user in question.


The two-factor radio button can be found on the left of the screen with the other ‘Global Permissions’.




The user will require a third-party authenticator app on their hand-held device. We recommend using Google Authenticator but there are many others that are compatible (such as Microsoft Authenticator).



Google Authenticator - iOS iPad App Store

Google Authenticator - Android - Google Play Store


Once the username and password are entered on your dashboard, the following screen will be displayed.





Using the third-party authenticator app, the user must scan the QR Code from the screen.




This will create a ‘VirtualBoardroom’ account in your app that will provide the TFA code going forward.


Enter the code to gain access to your dashboard.



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