Inbox Management

Each room has an InBox, allowing you to email documents directly into any room.


Once an email is received in the rooms InBox, you will have the ability to then move the files to either the Document Library or directly into a Meeting Cards build area, allowing you to then section those.



Select a room you require to email into and choose 'InBox' from the menu.


Highlight and copy the rooms bespoke email address.


Open your generic email provider (ie; Outlook), and send attached files directly into the rooms InBox.

Note, file naming convention applies, ensure that there are no non-alpha numeric characters or symbols within the name of the file. ie: <>{}[]/~@#£$*&%




Once you have sent your email, you will receive a confirmation of a successfully received email or a failed equivalent notification email.



Once the room receives the email with attachments, select the folder to bring up its content and description.



To the right, select the three vertical black leader dots, giving you menu options to then move those documents to either the Document Library or to a chosen Meeting.


Select your files on the left, pick out a pre-created folder in the rooms Document Library, or Meeting, then select Move, bottom right, and those files will be moved across.



Note; there is a 50mgb limit on all file uploads and this applies to the InBox too, also, internal wifi connectivity will play its part in the speed those files take to land in the InBox.


A suggestion would be to email in small batches.


As an option, this is a good alternative to problematic uploads, saving you time.

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