Sending us a board pack to print

If you would like us to print your board packs, there is a slightly different method for providing the link with the new platform.


You will need to send us the URL to the meeting card - from here we can securely download the print version (please ensure the pack/meeting is in a published state before doing this). 


To do this, click on the meeting that contains the pack you want printed (as highlighted below):




Next, copy the link that is displayed in the URL field:




Lastly, paste the URL into an email, clearly stating the name of the pack that is to be printed, along with any additional information regarding quantities, delivery instructions etc and send to


Note: The option to attach the pack as a PDF to an email still remains – you will be required to download the ‘Print version’ PDF onto your PC’s desktop and then attach it to your e-mail (However, please note, this is not the most secure method for sharing confidential information). 

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