The ‘Departments’ tab on the admin console allows users to add, remove and edit the Departments for slides, presentations and designs.  


Step 1: To edit departments go to the ‘Departments’ tab on the console.

Note: You will notice that the 'General' department isn't listed, this is because it's a default department and cannot be removed.


Step 2: To add a department fill in the ‘Text’ and ‘Description’ and then press ‘Add’ and the new department will be added to the list. 


Step 3: To edit a department select the one to change and press edit this will bring up a panel where the department details can be changed.

 Press 'OK' and any changes will be saved.


Step 4: To remove a department, select the applicable department, then select remove. You will get the following pop up to ensure that you want to delete this department. 


Press 'Yes' and the changes will be applied 

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