Other App Features

Other options can be found located along the bottom of the home screen.


  • 'Boardrooms’ - will be your generic landing/home screen and will summarise the rooms available to you
  • 'Voting' - Allows you to cast a vote raised by the administrator
  • 'Recently Viewed’ - will summarise all recently viewed documents
  • 'Calendar’ - will display the calendar which will contain entries for all upcoming meetings
  • 'Settings’ - other app options.




'Voting' feature gives you the ability to cast a vote (or resolution) that has been submitted by the administrator within a specific room(s). 




'Recently Viewed' files can be found here and each entry acts as a quick shortcut to open any recently viewed document.




The 'Calendar' will be populated with meetings relevant to you.




You can view by 'List' which will give you another means to access all historically published content.




Settings will allow you to adjust your preferences such as:


  • 'PIN Lock’ - this allows you to set the activation of the app lock between 2 and 60 minutes (of inactivity)
  • 'Change PIN’ - allows you to change your PIN if you wish
  • 'Help’ - displays support contact details





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