Slide Defaults

The ‘Defaults’ tab on the console allows users to determine which slides from the slide library are used as a default when creating a new base presentation.  



Step 1: To change the slides that are included when a new presentation is created select the ‘Defaults’ tab on the console. Previews of the current defaults will be shown.


Default Slides are specific to a particular aspect ratio and department. Before defining the default slides select the appropriate aspect ratio and department from the dropdowns.

Note: If slide defaults are not defined, then RightSlide will use the first 2 custom layouts in the Slide Master. If slide defaults are defined for the ‘General’ department. Then all departments will use these defaults.


Step 2: To define defaults for a specific department, select the Department and uncheck the checkbox ‘Same as General’. This will allow slide defaults to be defined for that specific department.



Step 3: Use the ‘Add’ button to access the slide library and pick new slides to be included in the defaults list.

To remove unwanted slides either press the cross icon by the slide or select the slide and press the ‘Remove’ button.

 Use the ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ buttons to change the order the slides will appear in presentations.

 Once changes have been made changes select ‘Update to Server’ to save.





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