Upload Individual Slides

The ‘Upload’ button allows authorised users to upload an individual slide, multiple slides, designs or presentations to the library so they can be accessed by other users.



Step 1: To upload an individual slide; select the slide to upload. Then click the ‘Upload’ button on the RightSlide ribbon. This will bring up a panel with the upload options. Select ‘Slide’.




Step 2: If the slide has not previously been uploaded a message box will appear saying ‘This is a new slide, do you wish to upload it?’. Select ‘Yes’



Note: If the slide has been uploaded before the message box will say ‘The slide already exists on the repository, do you wish to change the slide or create a new separate version?’

 Selecting ‘Change’ will overwrite the existing version or to make a new version select ‘Create’. Once a selection has been made the slide details panel will appear as it does when creating a brand new slide.


Step 3: A panel will appear for you to enter the details about the slide. This data will be associated with the slide in the library. Keywords can be searched for along with the title.



The Aspect Ratio will be automatically detected. The watermarking type can be selected from the drop-down – either Fully Locked, Unlockable, Editable With Watermark, Fully Editable.




Blank layouts can also be uploaded so they are available from the ‘New Slide’ option on the ribbon. To ensure a slide is shown on the 'New Slide' option, select the ‘Content’ check box.


The ‘Hidden’ check box makes a slide hidden in the main insertion form, but available to add to groupings by the administrator.


The expiry calendar drop down allows an expiry date to be set for the slide. Unselect the checkbox to set no expiry.


The department and subsequent category(s) can be selected from here. View the current settings with the ‘Eye’ icon or edit this data with the ‘Pencil’ icon.


On selecting the ‘Pencil’ icon, you'll first be able to select a department(s). Once you select 'OK' a categories box will pop up to select a category(s) within that department.



Step 4: There will be a delay as the file is uploaded to the server. You will be informed once the upload has been successful.







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