Upload Multiple Slides

The ‘Upload’ button allows authorised users to upload an individual slide, multiple slides, designs or presentations to the library so they can be accessed by other users.



Step 1: To upload multiple slides, click the ‘Upload’ button on the RightSlide ribbon. This will bring up a panel with the upload options. Select ‘Slides’.



Step 2: This will bring up a panel with a list of the slides in the current presentation.

Here the user can decide which slides to upload by selecting the slides individually by the checkboxes on the right hand side of the form. If all are to be uploaded, select the checkbox at the very top to auto select all.

Then fill in the slide details, decide on watermarking (either Fully Locked, Unlockable, Editable, Fully Editable), choose to upload blank slides as content slides, make slides hidden and decide whether to upload new slides or change existing ones where applicable.



The expiry date can also be set.

 Note: Blocks of text/cells can be copied across from applications such as Excel.


Departments and categories can be set. A department(s) must be selected first before a category(s) can be selected from within that department.


Some columns can be set all at once by hitting the button at the top of the column. It will bring up a related popup to select the value for the entire column.


Step 3: Once the slide detail panel is filled out, select ‘Upload’. There will be a delay while the new slides are added to the server and a message box will appear saying ‘Upload Complete’.


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