Inserting Slides

Selecting the ‘Insert Slides’ option will open a panel with all of the available slides from the slide library that can be inserted into a presentation. The slides will be categorised allowing the user to easily locate the content they require.



Step 1: To insert slides into the presentation select the ‘Insert Slides’ button in the ‘Slides’ group on the RightSlide ribbon.



Step 2: Click on the slides to be inserted. The slides are categorised to help find content quickly (below shows both the list and thumbnail views).



The slides displayed will only be those within the same Department as the design used. ‘General’ slides will also be available for use by checking Show general slides.




Categories can be found on the left of the panel.




Step 3: The selected slides will appear at the bottom of the panel in the order that they will be inserted. 

 To remove a slide click the cross on the top right of the preview (list view shown below)



To change the order click and drag the previews along to the required positions (thumbnail view shown below)

Old Order:


 New Order: 


Step 4: Click on the tick to confirm the order.  The slides will now be inserted into your presentation. 

The order of slides can also be changed in the presentation as you would normally with PowerPoint.



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