Accessing and Annotating your pack



Once you have entered your PIN number and logged in, you will be shown the room(s) you are associated with.




Tap on a room and at the top of the screen, you will find the important elements of the online portal reflected in the app.

Current Meetings - will be shown by default and will display the meetings available to you

Past Meetings - will display meetings that have already taken place

Archived Meetings - will summarise historical meetings that have been archived

Document Library - will provide you with other documentation associated with the room




Past Meetings will display meetings that have already taken place.




Archived Meetings will display historically published meetings that have been archived by your administrator.




Document Library will provide you with other relevant documentation associated with the room.




To review a boardpack, tap on the appropriate meeting card to reveal the associated packs available (published) to you.




Meeting Notes will summarise any notes created by the administrator on the meeting card.




Attendees will highlight all committee members that are associated with this particular meeting which also have the pack published to.




Tap on the 'Boardpack' you wish to open.


Once downloaded, the document is synced locally and can be annotated offline.




Your features/tools listed left to right are:


  • Summary Mode
  • Index/Agenda/Annotations hyperlinks
  • Manual bookmarks
  • Annotation mode
  • Sharing Annotations
  • Search




'Index' will display a list of navigable links to the start of each section within your board pack and well as providing a list of manually bookmarked and annotated pages.


'Index' allows you to quickly move between sections/agenda items within the pack.




Whilst in that section you can also look at what you have bookmarked, which also allows you to quickly jump to that page when tapping on it.




And then one over from that you can jump to any annotations you have made again by clicking the desired body of text you have annotated on. It will also inform you of what annotation you have made on that particular body of text.




To annotate your pack, tap on the pen icon (top right of your screen, highlighted below) in order to reveal the annotation tools on the left.




The annotation tools appear on the top left of your screen, as below.




The freehand pen tool will allow you to draw/write freely on each page. (N.B. to exit annotation mode, tap the 'x' on the top right of your screen. This will allow you to move, delete or change the configuration of a note e.g. colour)




Press and hold on the letter 'A' to bring up three options to choose from.


  • Highlight
  • Underscore option A (wriggly line)
  • Underscore option B (straight line)




  • Highlight




  • Underscore option A (squiggly line)




  • Underscore option B (straight line)






Press and hold on the 'Note' icon to bring up three options to choose from.


  • Sticky note/Comment
  • Transparent Text (type)
  • Signature


Add a note to enter your desired content and edit/alter the note in appearance by colour and by icon.




Transparent text allows you to type directly over your papers with additional options to change the typeface, type size, and colour, as well as alignment.





Signature gives you the ability to apply your signature to your papers, also, you can create a default of your signature if you so desired.




Tap on a blank redundant area within a page and you will be presented with a few of these annotation options (Text Box, Underline, Squiggly line, Strike through, Free hand pen and signature), so you can annotate your document on demand instead of going into the annotation tab.






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