Located top right, you will find a menu (under your name) containing several options.


  • Change Password - gives you the option to change your password.


  • Email Preferences - allows you to enable or disable email and web app notifications.


  • Administration - gives you access to further preferences for your site.


  • Logout - it’s important to log out once you have completed your tasks within your dashboard (you will be automatically logged out after 15 minutes of inactivity at the last point referenced).

    Note, it is good practice to log out correctly as there is the potential for the browser to cache your last location, promoting the opportunity to give you an error when logging in the next time you visit your dashboard.

    Therefore, There might be a requirement for you to clear your cache history and cookies on your preferred PC browser in the first instance.

    Google Chrome -
    Open browser > Click 'Ctrl + H' on your keyboard > Clear browsing data (top left) > CLEAR

    Internet Explorer -
    Open browser > Click 'Ctrl + Shift + Delete' on your keyboard > Delete



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