Publish a Pack

Under 'Generated Documents', you will find your generated pack with their respective versions available.


Publishing your pack will require you to pick attendees from the 'Publish to Directors' list.


This list of attendees reflects those from the initial list of attendees you assigned in the first steps in populating your meeting card.


Once you have picked your attendees, click 'Publish' to publish your pack indefinitely, or, if required, apply a 'Publish From' and 'Publish Until' date and time, giving the published document a published time frame.


This will send a notification via email as well as within the solution to those selected, informing them that the meeting pack is available to view via the method of their choosing - online or via the app.


Note: Once the 'Publish Until' is reached, the system will unpublish the meeting and any annotations created by the end user, will become void and disappear.





You can also choose a ‘trigger’ an ‘expiry’ date for your pack by applying a 'Publish From' to a 'Publish Until' time frame.





There is also an 'Email Directors' radio button, if enabled, this will send an automated email to the directors within the published pack. 



When the button is to the left this will not send out an automated notification to users on the distribution list:  When the button is to the right this will send out an automated notification to users on the distribution list: 


The publish card will be updated to display a green tick and a status of ‘Published, Available’.

The ‘Publish From’ time and date will be updated to reflect the present time.





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