Administrators are able to define a list of slides that can be inserted into a presentation as a group. This is useful if for example you want to ensure the correct disclaimers are used with the correct content slides.

Groupings appear as a category in the main form when Inserting Slides. You are able to preview the group, by selecting the Magnifying glass, which shows you all of the slides in the grouping.

The hidden option for slides allows slides to be hidden from the main insertion form, but available as part of a grouping.



To add, edit or delete groupings go to the ‘Groupings’ tab on the console.

Groupings can be selected from the listbox on the left and details of the grouping viewed. Once selected, the grouping can be edited or deleted. 


Adding a grouping: To add a grouping press ‘Add’ – a pop up will ask which aspect ratio and department the grouping is for. Make the appropriate selection and hit ‘OK’.


A new blank grouping will be displayed in a dialog.

Fill in the metadata on the left and add the appropriate slides to the grouping via the add button to the right. Hit ‘Save’ and the new grouping will be uploaded to the server


Note: Slides will only be available from the aspect ratio and department previously selected.



Editing a grouping: To edit a grouping select the one to change from the main listbox and press ‘Edit’. This will bring up a panel where the grouping details can be changed.

 Select ‘Save’ and any changes will uploaded to the server.



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