Unlock Slides

Slides within RightSlide can be set as 'Unlockable' by an administrator. This means that they're set as locked to prevent changes, but can be unlocked if the content needs to changed. Unlocking these will put a draft watermark on the slide, so it will need approval to remove this.  


Step 1: Press the ‘Unlock Slides’ button to unlock slides in the currently open presentation.



Step 2: The ‘Slide Unlock’ dialog will appear. This lists slides that can be unlocked. The status of the slide will also be shown.

Note: Permanently locked slides (Fully Locked), slides that are not part of RightSlide and slides already unlocked will not be displayed.


Step 3: Choose which slides you wish to unlock by checking the checkboxes in the first column. Then hit ‘Unlock’.


Step 4: RightSlide will warn you that the presentation will need to be saved before the slides can be unlocked, and that slides will need to be approved before they can be presented. Hit ‘Yes’.



Step 5: The presentation will update with the selected slides unlocked and watermarks added ready for editing.

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