Creating a Presentation From Existing

New presentations can also be created from saved presentations (groups of slides) that have been uploaded to the RightSlide library. The presentation will be based on the most up to date version of the relevant slides stored in the library.



Follow the steps below to create a presentation from existing.


Step 1


Select ‘New’ from the ‘Presentations’ group on the RightSlide ribbon.



Step 2


Select the desired Aspect Ratio and Department from the drop-down.

Note: The Department selection is important as you'll only be able to access slides, presentations and designs that have been set to be shared with that department. You will also be able to see any slides, presentations and designs in the General Department.

Select ‘Create From Existing’.



Step 3



Choose the presentation from the list (views below show both the thumbnail and list views). You can preview the presentation by selecting the magnifying glass in the thumbnail view, or the Preview button on the list view. This will show you details on what is in the presentation.


To see the designs in the General Department if you have selected a different department, select the tick box 'Show General designs' in the bottom left side of the dialogue box. 



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