Word Tips

The generation process will, by default, seek to maximise the use of the outer margin of a Word file to ensure content is not reduced too much on a page. In other words, it seeks to 'fill up' the empty white areas (the margin) of an A4 sheet.

A general rule of thumb: the larger the margin on an original Word document, the more the generator will enlarge the content to fill this space. The smaller the original margin, the less scaling required.

If you would like to disable this feature at any time, you can change the room default or set the 'Margin adjustment' to off upon each generation. 

Occasionally Word documents can misbehave. If you find that you have an issue or a corrupt file then you can make a PDF as and use it as a replacement.

Embedding fonts in Word 

Track Changes
When you upload and generate a meeting pack with a Word document that has tracked changes you will find that these tracked changes will not pull through and reflect on the final generated file.

This is because Virtualboardroom will always convert that document, flattening it down to show the 'Final' version in every instance that it sees with these changes applied.

In order to keep those changes on visible, you will need to convert the Word document as a pdf showing comments before you upload it into Virtualboardroom.

Open the Word document in its native application.

  • Click the “File > Print” menu.
  • Choose the “Generic Native PDF” printer. (Adobe PDF/Microsoft Print to PDF)
  • On the same dialog, on the “Print What” field, choose “Document showing Markup”.
  • Click “Print”.
  • Assign the file a name and click “Save”.

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