Room(s) Management

The ‘Rooms’ page will display a list of all rooms on your site.


Here you can:

  • Add a new room
  • Remove a room
  • Manage room configuration


N.B. you will be able to create a new room providing your allowance has not been reached in accordance with the Service License Agreement. Contact Support or your Customer Success Manager for further details.


Drive to your menu preferences, top right and select 'Administration', choose 'Rooms' from the menu bar or click on the card.




The initial display will highlight current active rooms and an option to review deleted rooms, you can create 'New Room' via the blue cross, top right.


You can also 'Manage' the rooms default configurations.




Manage will present you with several configurable options.


Details - allows you to change room name as well as enable/disable app access




Settings - allows you to change your board pack configuration e.g. tab size.




Permissions - will allow you to review and adjust the permissions of all potential users of this room.


Here you can assign four different levels of access:

Room Manager / Meeting Manager / Meeting Editor / Director.

Permissions Explained




Colours - will give you the option to add colours to apply to your tabs at board pack generation stage.

You may also set a permanent default colour.


N.B. with more than one colour created, you can apply different tab colours to different sections in the Build step of compilation.




Select 'New Colour’ – you can either visually choose from the available swatch, or, if you know the correct CMYK/RGB combination, enter the values into the fields provided.


N.B. the percentage values are achieved by inserting decimal figures.
For example, 0.83 M = 83% magenta.




Announcements - will allow you to keep users informed of updates and activity.




Click 'Add’, apply your desired narrative and click create.


These announcements will appear on the dashboard.




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