Turning On Alerts For Job Bags And Documents

 DotApprove gives you the option to set up alerts on your job bag or an individual document if you wish to be informed of action happening on that job. 


To set this up please follow the simple steps below:


Step 1: To set up an alert on your chosen job click on the 'Actions' drop down and select 'Alert Me'. If you want to set an alert on for a specific document click on the drop down beside the document and select 'Alert Me'. 


Job bag Alert                                                        Document Alert



Step 2: Within the alerts page give the alert a title, confirm when new alerts should be sent to you and how often they should be sent to you.  Click 'OK'. 



Emails will now come to your inbox according to the chosen settings. Alerts can be amended or deleted at any time, just click on the 'View my existing alerts' within the alerts page. On this page, you can delete alerts and view all alerts you currently have switched on for that room.


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