Publishing Tool

You can publish directly from DotApprove to your chosen website or your DotApprove publishing folder. 


A job can only be published once the publishing workflow has been approved.  


Once approved click the 'Publish' button under the 'Actions' drop down. Archived documents will need to be unarchived before they can be published. See how to unarchive documents here:



You can select whether to publish documents to DotApprove or your website.  If publishing to DotApprove you can select which folder it will go in by clicking on the last drop down below. 



Thee are two options if you wish to unpublish documents.  The system can automatically remove the document once the expiry date is reached. if you want the document to stay on the website longer you can amend the expiry date at any time via the expiry calendar or within the job bag. Alternatively, documents can be unpublished manually. 


This feature is an additional cost to your current DotApprove system. If you would like to have this feature installed on your DotApprove system please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Sucess Team who can talk you through how this can be implemented on your system. The team can be contacted via our email address

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