Approving Your Task Via The Calendar

You can approve a task within DotApprove via the calendar on the site.


Step 1: Click on 'Tasks' in the menu from the applicable room, not from the home tab. 



Step 2: A calendar view will display all the jobs requiring your approval on the date that they are due. Each job is hyperlinked to your task. Click on any of the links and this will take you to your task calendar.



Please note: If you click the hyperlink from the calendar, you will be able to view the task, rather than edit the task. The tasks will be greyed out. To release the task click 'Edit Task' at the top of the page.



Step 3: Here you will see the documents for approval and any supporting documentation.



Step 4: Open your document for approval by clicking the file on the task screen, then complete all the tasks on screen. 


For help on how to edit a PDF in DotApprove, please click here



Step 5: Once you have completed your task the workflow owner will receive an email showing your sign-off status, comments and checklist answers




To see how to approve your task via the calendar watch the video below: 


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