Publishing approved collateral

In DotApprove, you are able to publish approved collateral straight to your chosen website or into your DotApprove publishing folder. 


Please Note - Publishing is an additional feature within DotApprove which has a chargeable setup fee. If you are interested in publishing please contact our Customer Success Team on 


Publishing can be done in a few steps as outlined below.




Step 1: When filling in your job brief ensure that you have ticked the 'Yes' radio button to the question 'Show on Web'. 



Step 2: To sign-off every document you have to ensure that the publishing workflow has been 'Approved' before going ahead. 



Step 3: Once the document has been signed off you can proceed to publish. Within the job click on the 'Actions' drop down and select 'Publish'. 



Step 4: Select the location you wish to publish the document to.



If you have the option to publish to both DotApprove and your website, your screen will look similar to the below. Select which documents are to be published and where they are to be published to, then click 'OK'. 



Step 5: The document(s) have now been successfully published.  Click 'OK' to continue.



Step 6: If you are publishing to DotApprove you will see the all published documents within the 'Published Documents' folder on the 'Home' tab. 





If you have a document that expires, you may wish to remove this from your website and the published documents folder. You can do this by 'Unpublishing'.


Step 1: To unpublish a document, click beside the document. On the drop down select the 'Unpublish' option from the list. 



Step 2: Select the documents you wish to unpublish by ticking the boxes next to each document. Click 'OK'. 



Step 3: The document(s) have now been successfully unpublished.  Click 'OK' to continue. 



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