Completing All Tasks

Completing all tasks' is a way of cancelling a running workflow. This can be used when a workflow originator has sent the workflow out incorrectly and wants to cancel it before anyone completes their associated approval tasks.


Example scenarios;


  • Workflow originator sends the incorrect document for approval, the solution would be to complete all tasks to recall the workflow and then re-send it out correctly. 


  • The workflow originator has sent a document for approval and one of the approvers have come back with some major errors. The workflow originator could complete all tasks so that the errors can be corrected and the workflow sent out again.


The Complete All Tasks option will automatically set the workflow status to 'Rejected'.


Below are the steps to take to Complete All Tasks.


Step 1: On the dashboard click on the 'Sign-Off Status' hyperlink.



Step 2: Within the workflow, information area click 'Complete All Tasks'.



Step 3: Click 'OK' to confirm that you wish to complete all outstanding tasks. 


Step 4: Click 'OK' on the confirmation pop-up. 



Step 5: The tasks have now been overridden and the status set to 'Rejected'.  




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