Changing a workflow owner

A workflow owner (someone who has started a workflow) can pass the workflow ownership on to someone else if, for instance, they are going to be away or need to pass on workload. 


By doing this all messages and emails will go to the new workflow owner.  


It's simple to make the change, just follow the steps below:


Step 1: Within the workflow information section on the workflow screen you will see 4 options. Click on the option 'Change Workflow Owner'. 



Step 2: Select the new workflow owner and click 'OK'. 



Step 3: The workflow owner has now been changed. Workflow owners can be changed as often as required. This must always be done by the current workflow owner. 



If a workflow owner needs to be changed but the current workflow owner is unavailable to make the change, please contact our customer success team on and they can do this on your behalf. 


To see how to change a workflow owner watch our video below. 


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