Creating a Personalised View

You can create personal views within DotApprove for each individual room. This is useful if you only want to see your own jobs.


It's very simple to create views within DotApprove and can be done in a few quick steps.


Step 1: Within your selected room under the dashboard select the View drop down and select Create View. 



Step 2: Then select to start from an existing view 'Live Jobs'. 




Step 3: Give your View a name, for example, My View. The audience will be auto-selected to a personal view. if you want the columns positioned in a specific order for this view, Select or Deselect the boxes you would like to be displayed and number the position you would like them to be in. 




Step 4: Scroll down to the Filter Section and set the filter to the following; Originator, is equal to [Me]



Step 6: Select OK at the bottom. Your view will now be shown under the Views drop-down. You can switch back and forth between each view or you can set your own view as your default view by selecting Set as my Default View.




If you want to see how a view is created, please watch our video below:


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