Editing user permissions

User permissions are amended within the user management section of the Home tab as shown below.



Firstly, check that the user has access to the 'Home' tab. This is the first group in the list and will be named in the format of 'companyname.dotapprove'. 


Without this, the user will get an 'Access Denied' error message when trying to log into DotApprove. 



Permissions are amended on a room by room basis. There are three different types of users;


Administrator - Has access to the 'User Management' area as well as the same permissions as other users.

Editors - Can create, edit and send content out for approval. 

Reader - Can only read pages, but cannot create, edit or send content for approval.


For a user to be able to approve a workflow, they need to be ticked on the relevant workflow within the room. 


In the example below, the user has access to the home tab as an editor. In the room called 'Demo' the user has access as an editor, as well as annotations signoff reviewer, brand approval sign-off reviewer and compliance reviewer. 



Once the permissions have been set for the user, select 'Save'.  The user will need to log out and back in again to activate the changes.  


If you would like to see how to edit user permissions watch the video below:


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