Creating a website job or campaign

A website job is similar to other jobs except that instead of uploading documents you are capturing web pages for design or approval. 


Websites can be captured in three formats:


- Tablet 

- Phone 

- Desktop Browser


Please follow the instructions below for creating a website job or campaign.  


Step 1: Within the applicable room, click on the 'New' drop down and select either 'New Campaign' or 'New Job'.



Step 2: Fill in your job brief with the corresponding information. At the bottom of the brief, you will be asked which devices you want to capture the webpages on; add and remove the options as required. Copy and paste the website URL's into the box 'Website URLs'. Please note the URL's must be in full format including the http. 



Step 3: Within the job bag click on the 'Actions' drop down and select 'Capture Screenshots'. 



Step 4: Select the devices you want to be captured for the URL, then click capture. The status will show 'In Progress', then once completed, it will take you back into the job bag where the captures have been placed. folders. 


Step 5: You can now follow normal DotApprove review procedure; create your workflow to send out to your approvers and reviewers.  Under the 'Actions' drop down select 'Workflows'. 



Step 6: Select the workflow you wish to begin. If the workflow is restricted you will need to follow the set sequence as shown. If a workflow is unrestricted you will be able to select any workflow from the below without going through a sequence.  



Step 7: Fill out the approval form with the correct information and click 'Ok'.




This will automatically send an email to the approvers and reviewers with the task instructions for the next step in the process.  


Watch the video below to see how to create a website job or campaign by clicking on the play button. 



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