Creating a job

Creating a job to get content approved is done in a simple 3 step process:


  1. Create the job 
  2. Upload content
  3. Send the content out for approval


These are explained in detail below. 


Step 1: Create the job: within the required room, under the 'New' drop down, select 'New Job'. 



Step 2: Fill out the job brief with the appropriate information.  Please note * means the field is mandatory so it has to be filled in before proceeding with the creation of the job bag. 



Once all of the fields are completed, click 'Create'. This will then take you into the job bag, which will be empty. This is where you need to upload the content to be approved. 


Step 3: Uploading content: within the new job click on the 'Upload' drop down and select your preferred method of upload, either single, or multiple. 



Step 4: Follow the on screen steps to upload content. For a single upload, browse for the file. For multiple upload, drag and drop the files.



Step 5: Now all the content has been uploaded, you can send these for approval. Within the job, under the 'Actions' drop down click 'Workflows'. 



Step 6: Select the workflow you wish to begin. If the workflow is restricted you will need to follow a set sequence. If a workflow is unrestricted you will be able to select any workflow without going through a specified sequence.  



Step 7: Fill in the approval form with the correct information and click 'OK'. Workflow participants, workflow files, workflow deadlines and workflow instructions are all fields that need to be completed for the workflow to start. 




This will automatically send an email to the approvers and reviewers with task instructions for the next step in the process.  


To see how to create a job watch our video below:


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