Creating a new user

Creating a new DotApprove user account is straightforward and can be done in a few simple steps.


First, you need to ensure you have sufficient unused user licenses in order create the new account. The number of user licences available and how many active licences are being used is displayed at the top of your User Management page.




If you have used all your licenses, and you are unable to make any current user inactive, you will have to increase your number of licenses. In this event please contact your Customer Success Manager or email to discuss this. 


If you want to find out how to make a user inactive please click here.


If you have unused licences, follow the steps below to create a new user:


Step 1: On the User Management page, select 'New User'.



Step 2: Insert the user's email address, full name and ensure the active box is ticked.  Once completed, select 'OK'.



Step 3: You will receive a notification that the user will be sent an automated email with their temporary password and username. On this screen, select 'Edit Groups'.



The user will receive the below email:



Step 4: Select the rooms and workflows the user will have access to. The different types of users are;


Administrator - Has access to the 'User Management' area as well as the same permissions as other users.


Editors - Can create, edit and send content for approval. 


Reader - Can read pages, but cannot create, edit or send content for review.


For a user to be able to approve a workflow, they need to be ticked on the relevant workflow within the room. 



Step 5: Once the selection is completed, click 'Save'. The user has now been created. 


Watch our video below to see how to do this: 


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