How do I remove users from DotApprove?

If you need to remove a user from the site as they are no longer part of the company or they won't be using it anymore then please follow the steps below. To be able to perform this task you will need to be an 'admin' of the site.


Please note: Instead of deleting users, we make them 'inactive' as this prevents removing any audit trail associated with the user. Users can be reactivated at any time as long as there are user licenses available. 


Step 1: Locate the user in the user management section. This can be found on your 'home' tab/room. 



Step 2: Select 'Edit User' on the drop down beside the user's name.



Step 3: Deselect the active box to make the user inactive. 



Step 4: Click 'Save'. 


Step 5: Repeat Step 1 and locate the user again. Select 'Edit User Group' on the drop down beside the user's name and deselect the user from all checkboxes that have a tick in them. 


Step 6: Click 'Save'


If you would like to find out more about this please watch our video below:


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