How do I email documents into DotApprove?

You can email documents directly into a Job in DotApprove. You can also include DotApprove into any email conversations you have outside the system related to a job, this is useful in allowing you to capture all applicable conversations. 


To do this please follow the steps below. 


Step 1: Insert your DotApprove email into your email fields. This can only be done within the 'To' field, please do not use 'CC' or 'BCC'.


Step 2: Attach your document and ensure that the job number is put in square brackets within the subject line, for example, [DEM00010] and click send.


This will now have sent an email to your job and the document is saved.  



Please note: If you unsure of your email then follow the format below or email and we can confirm this for you.  


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